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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Minutes from 3/9 - CRAGS

Attendees: Gordy, Renee, Brian, Ellen, Rob
Apologies: Aaron, Jason

-Brian met with Schroder & Finnigan (sp?) about Auburn and is awaiting a response

-Tax status: still getting push-back. Ellen and Brian to craft a new letter. (Done)

-Leap clean-up
-Have 3 local contacts that are helpful
-Rob is working the recycling angle
-Question raised as to if we could offer volunteers a free pass in trade?
-Jason's CRAGS' facebook page will help with advertising - maybe mid-May to start recruiting
-June 5 tentatively marked for this, but will have to see about weather

-Blog: Aaron added new educational material

-Want to put general membership on the next agenda. Could consider doing a newsletter.

-Next board meeting scheduled for Thursday, April 15, 7pm at Pipeworks.


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