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Saturday, August 8, 2009


Frequently Asked Questions

• Where do you meet?
Currently we are meeting at Sacramento Pipeworks for general meetings. Please check the Events page for times and dates.

• How often do you meet?
We do not have a set frequency as of yet. Please check the events page or subscribe to our mailing list to stay informed on our events and meetings.

• How can I help?
We would love to have everyone contribute to the organization. Please contact us at or use the contact form to drop a line. If you'd like to see us in person, please check the events page for the next meeting.

• How do I donate?
Please use PayPal to Donate (link redirects to PayPal) to CRAGS.

• How do I raise an issue with an area?
Please contact us via the Message Board on this site or @

Also you can post on our forums and get the discussion started.

• How do I join?

• What makes you different from all the other groups? (Sierra Club etc.)

• How does membership benefit me?
By joining CRAGS you are making a statement that you want to take an active role in supporting a sport that you love. As our mission states, our goals are to help support a clean and healthy environment which we intend to do through programs such as Adopt-a-Crag where we will go as a team go and clean up local climbing areas. We do this not only to show appreciation for the opportunity to use what in many cases is private land, but also so that we can be proud of the areas where we love to be.

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